Renew/Extend My Membership

You may renew or extend your PGC Membership in several ways as follows:

1.   Renew Online for 1 Year   Go to EDIT PROFILE above and scroll down to the bottom where it shows your expiry date.   Then you can click on the Extend Link which will direct you to a Paypal banner.  Click on the banner and it will take you to the Paypal Login.  If you do not have a Paypal account, click on “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” and make your payment that way.     You can repeat this, each time you make a payment, 12 months will be added to your expiry date.   You will receive a receipt via email from Paypal.   If you originally paid for a 6 year membership,  your renewal will be for another 6 years.  If you wish to renew for just one year, you will have to use the mail in or Interac option.
2.  Renew  for 5 Years   for $400  via Postal Mail In   To take advantage of this discounted rate, click on the following link and  download the  PGC Membership Extension Application 5 Years   form.   Instructions are included on the form.   You will  receive an email confirmation when your payment is processed.
3.  Renew for 5 Years for $400 via Interac email Transfer    To take advantage of this payment method, please send your $400 Interac email to      Make sure you send the email from the same email account that your PGC account is registered under.   Also, don’t forget to send a second email from the same account with your full name and the answer to your security question.   We will not accept Interac payments that we cannot match properly with your account.  You will  receive an email confirmation when your payment is processed.

Looking Out for the RIghts of Members Who Participate in Profitable Giving