Universal Class Defence Subscription plan Payment options

Making payment for your Universal Class Defence Subscription Plan is a Two Step Process.

Step A    Choose one of the payment options below and make the payment.
Step B    Notify PGC of the details of your payment.  Your full name and the amount of the payment.  Don't forget a breakdown by person if you combine payments.   Notify PGC via email:  admin@profitablegiving.ca   Your payment may not be properly applied if you skip Step B. 
1.   Preferred Method  Personal Cheque or Bank Draft
Make payable to Profitable Giving Canada

Please go to a local Royal Bank branch and make the direct deposit to the PGC bank account.   
Account Name:  Profitable Giving Canada
Account No: 1008309
Transit No: 04912
Branch Address: 966 Ontario St, Stratford, ON. N5A 3K1
Full details are shown below in 3.  

Alternatively, Xpress Post or Courier your cheque to:
Profitable Giving Canada
380 Wellington Street
Tower B, 6th Floor, Suite 600
London, ON   N6A 5B5
If you are using a courier to send the payment, please include a copy of the last page of your Subscription Agreement, along with your Bank Draft or Personal Cheque.  Please print your full name under your signature. Alternatively , send us a note indicating your full name and the full subscription price you are enclosing.  

2.     Interac email Transfer:   Send to Profitable Giving Canada  admin@profitablegiving.ca  
       Please make sure you send a separate email to admin@profitablegiving.ca outlining the payment amount, your full name, and email address.  This can typically only be used for amounts up to $3,000 maximum.
3.     Bank Wire Transfer, or Bank Funds Transfer
Make Payable to Profitable Giving Canada, address above.
Send to Royal Bank    Institution 003
Account No:  1008309
Transit No:  04912
Branch Address:   966 Ontario St, Stratford, ON.  N5A 3K1
Branch Phone:  519-271-8210
Routing/ABA number (if funds coming from the U.S.)  021000021
RBC Royal Bank SWIFT BIC (if funds coming from international location): ROYCCAT2

4.     Credit or Debit Card
Please record your Universal Subscription Plan amount and your full name below.   Then click "Pay Now" and you will be redirected to our PayPal account where you can pay with your credit or debit card.  You will be asked to enter your subscription amount a second time for verification.   You do not need to notify us by email with this payment option. 
Subscription Price Amount
Full Name of Purchaser

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